Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wick Omnibus Edition

What is a "Kickstarter Campaign" and why should you help us produce the WICK Omnibus?

A Kickstarter Campaign is a "crowdfunding" campaign that allows users and supporters of certain content go around the normal power structures and gatekeepers of content in order to get good stuff directly to the people who want it.  For example, if someone produced a video game that a lot of people loved, but that the power brokers in the video game industry would never make (perhaps it is politically incorrect, or they just don't like the video game designer.)  The designer can go to a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter and raise the money directly from people who want to see things that they support get made even if the "powers that be" hate it and won't support it.

In our case, our books in the WICK series are self-published.  We are independent authors.  In layman's terms, that means that we are both writers and publishers.  We don't have big budgets for our books, and we've turned them into bestsellers based solely on reader and fan support, and on the excellent quality of the stories.  Word of mouth is all we have had!  As of March 31st, we've sold over 4,700 copies of the WICK series in just three months time, and all with agents, publicists, or a budget!  That's great stuff.

Our Kickstarter campaign is to help us produce a WICK Omnibus Edition once the final book of the WICK series (book 4, coming soon) is published.  All four books will be re-formatted into a single volume which will be called The Wick Omnibus Edition.  To do this, we are going to have some ample expenses that are normally covered by a traditional publisher.  We need to get the four books re-edited to fine tune them and make them perfect.  We need to have the books re-formatted, which is a long, tiresome job.  A professional will make the books look as good as any book you'd buy in a bricks and mortar bookstore, published by any of the big publishers.  We are going to order a new, professional book cover for the Omnibus, and we are going to pay for some awesome advertising and marketing that will get the book out to hundreds of thousands of people we normally would not be able to reach.

Why should you help?

Welll, if you haven't read the books, don't support independent publishing, don't like or support books that come from a more traditional, simple, worldview, and think that a very few power brokers ought to decide what succeeds and what people read, then you shouldn't help.

However, if you believe that an independent book that has become a bestseller on its own merit should have the same opportunities for success as the junk that's out there now (primarily porn and other such nonsense); if you believe that it is cool to see a book with a great and exciting story, but without sex and foul language on every page; if you think it would be awesome to see a book with our worldview at the top of the bestseller lists; and if you want to put your money where you say our mouth is... then you should help.

Also, If you want to see hundreds of thousands of people become aware of some of the issues that we raise and discuss in the WICK series.  Then you should help.

If you love books that your children can read, then you should help.

You can donate as little as $5, and as much as you want.  For a $100 donation you will receive a Signed and Numbered Special First Edition, that will be limited to a very few copies.

We've gotten off to a good start, but frankly, it's not good enough.  You see, if we don't get the whole amount we're asking for, the donations are returned to the donors.  We lose it all!

We need everyone who supports the project to help us, and to continue to help us.  We only have 22 days left, and we are way behind.  At the rate we're going now, we won't win.  We need you NOW.

Please go to our Kickstarter campaign page, and help us today.  Then... Then... Then... get someone else to help us too.  Spread the word.  Help us make this viral.  If you are happy with the junk that is produced and mass marketed today, then by all means, don't help.  But if you want to see something really good get popular, then please help us!

We are so grateful for your support,

Michael Bunker

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