Friday, March 1, 2013

Busy Making Tents

The Tent-making continues here for me, and I was busy, busy, busy today.  We're getting WICK 2: Charm School ready for paperback release, still working on WICK 3: Exodus, and I'm working with the narrator of the WICK 1 audiobook as well.  The audiobook for WICK is in the can.  We just have some technical things to work out and then the book gets uploaded to  Then there is some kind of approval process, and after that the audiobook should be live on Amazon and  I have to tell you, the narrator did an awesome job.  I really enjoyed his reading of the book, and I actually listened to it as a fan, and not as the writer, because it came alive for me while I was listening to it.  He did all the voices of the different characters, and I think he just knocked it out of the park.

So, we are planning on a huge Book Bomb sometime soon here in March.  I'll give you the date when I know it.  We are going to break all precedent and launch WICK 2 in Paperback and WICK 3 on Kindle at the same time.  So many people have been emailing me asking when the WICK 2 paperback is going to be out, so I'm happy to say... soon.  That's all I know right now.

Also, I have finally received more WICK 1 paperbacks for signing.  I had run out, and I received some more yesterday, so in addition to the 3 FOR $30 deal over on the right hand side of this page at the top, wherein you get 3 books for $30 signed and delivered (in the contiguous 48 states), I now have single copies of WICK 1 to be signed and sent to you, if you want them, for $10 each.

I don't take Paypal or anything like that, so you'll have to do it Luddite style.  If you want a signed copy of WICK in this collector, first edition, paperback version, then send $10 in a check or money order to:

M. Bunker
1251 CR 132
Santa Anna, Texas 76878

I've got them here and ready to go now, so I'll get them going to you as soon as possible.

Sales are still going phenomenally for all the books, but particularly for the WICK series.  We had a shot at our first "1000 e-books of one book on one platform" month in February.  It was a long shot, because we had five free days wherein we gave away over 32,000 books, and February is already a short month.  Add to that the fact that WICK has only been out for 2 months, and it was not likely to happen.  But we made it very, very close.  We sold 916 kindle versions of WICK 1.

All-in-all, 2,845 Michael Bunker e-books sold... this only a short month after we had our first ever 1,000 e-book month.  And things are going exponential too, and that is all thanks to you fine people and all of your help.  We sold over 500 copies of 3 books:  WICK 1, #NaNoWri War Z, and Futurity, and almost 500 of WICK 2, and WICK 2 was only out for 16 days!!!

All of the books are still ranked.  Most of them in the top 20 of their category on, and WICK 2 is #4 Hot New Release in Alternative History on Amazon.

#NaNoWri War Z and WICK were shortlisted out of a large group of nominees for a future article on hot new indie published books at The Guardian in the UK.  Don't know how that will come out.  Also, #NaNoWri War Z is in the running in the #NaNoWriWee competition put on by Kernel Magazine in the UK.  One (or several) books from #NaNoWriWee will be chosen to receive a publishing deal by HarperCollins in the UK, so that could be interesting as well.

At some point, Kernel Magazine will put up some kind of voting mechanism, and I'll be calling on all of you to go there and vote for #NaNoWri War Z in droves!

So there is a lot going on, and I am so thankful to all of you for all of your support.  Thank you!

Back at it,

Michael Bunker

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