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Sandy is not a cross you bear... It is a crop you've sown.

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11/4/2012 - The Lord's Day - Morning. Greetings friends. Don't forget to listen to this past Wednesday's Michael Bunker Radio Show and make sure to tune in to tonight's broadcast at 7 p.m. Central Time.  I can't emphasize enough how important these messages are in our time.  And they're free.
Dear Government. My power has been out for eight years. What power I do have, I produce myself. I do not have running water in my house, flush toilets, or any such thing - nor do I want or need them. I received not one dime of bail out money, and didn't even get a check from Bush that they called "stimulus money", not a dime. Where is my free gas? Why are trucks not delivering me food, water, and supplies?  ~ Love, Michael.

It seems that Amerika is bound to experience many hard lessons in the days to come, but they will not learn the most important lesson they could possibly gain from all of this. With riots looming on the horizon, both from continuous and devastating urban disasters and from a planned process of divisiveness and and acrimony engendered by political leaders and the media, the modern, urban, industrial and commercial way of living is being exposed as untenable, unsustainable, and nonviable. I told you so. I've a long history of being right, and I'll tell you this... it's going to get worse.

Millions of people living on top of one another in an artificial system, supported by a crumbling and unsustainable infrastructure, provided for by criminally deficient food grown on industrial farms and shipped thousands of miles on government roads, is not civilization.  It is madness.  And it is stupid, and it is a crop sown by several generations of greedy and selfish worldlings who want everything, want it right now, and don't care if their subsequent generations of off-spring live like animals and feed on rats among the wreckage and refuse of a wicked and nonviable world.

Talking head political sock-puppets from both sides of the artificial political divide are even saying a lot of the same things that I've been saying for 15 years... almost.  But then they trip at the finish line. That empty suit Sean Hannity was saying "We're all dependent on gasoline!" (Right!). "We're all dependent on electricity! (Right!) "We have to fix this! (Right!). "We need to bury all of the power lines so that storms can't knock them down! (Ohhhh! So wrong!). You can't fix stupid. If Sean had said, "I'm addicted to crack cocaine! I'm dependent on heroin! So... I need to find a way to get it that is less susceptible to interruption!" everyone would say, "Why are you such a god-forsaken idiot?" And don't think that this stupidity is only found among the statist neo-cons like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. No. Statist progressives, liberals, and socialists are all shouting the same thing. No one... at least no one to which anyone would dare bother to listen, is saying "THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS STUPID, UNNECESSARY, AND UNSUSTAINABLE!"

Burying the power lines is not a solution to monumentally moronic dependency. Alternative power is not a solution. In fact there are NO systemic, societal solutions. There are only individual solutions. There are solutions for you, your family, and for those you love.

This storm wasn't even a bad one. And it only, relatively, hit in one place on the globe. The big one will hit everywhere at the same time. The debt bubble, the consumption bubble, the dependency bubble, the statism bubble - all of these will burst at the same time, and no one will be sending truckloads of free gas to help you.

I have relatives just like you do. I love them and want them to live a sustainable, viable life. But the truth is that you can't fix dependency just by hoping.  You can pray, but you can also give them information that might, just might, change their minds.  And you can do whatever you can to force them to read it.

The whole world is looking at the results of some really bad ideas.  But the one thing people will not see, and cannot learn from this disaster, is that there are people who depend on your dependency.  I want you to think about this and ask yourself the questions.  Why is the Department of Defense giving away free gasoline?  Why is the whole government mobilized to provide free food, shelter, etc. to urbanites? Why?  Because governments are in the business of stopping panic, teaching people to avoid the responsibility for their life choices, and maintaining an urban/industrial system that guarantees power to despots. Ask yourself, if your rural house is flooded, gets hit by a falling tree, or burns down, are you guaranteed free gas, food, and a rebuilt house? NO. Why? Because rural and self-sufficient living is not what statists want.  Irresponsible living is rewarded, and production and self-sufficiency are penalized.  We are seeing the results of the Normalcy Bias, and both Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty of maintaining this charade. No one, period, is going to say "Hey, maybe this dependency culture of consumption ought to be re-examined." Not going to happen. Brain-dead voters are too valuable, and free men have no value to the system.

This ought to be the bestselling book in the country today:

This book will be offensive to your sensibilities

With everything happening, you would think that this book would be a runaway bestseller. People would buy it in bulk to give out as Christmas presents, even if they don't celebrate Christmas.  People would buy it and send it to their parents and children and kin and friends, and they would say, "Listen, I don't care if you hate it or hate me for giving it to you, but if you love me, you will at least read it (and read all of it).  After you read it, you can toss it, or give it away, or burn it, but I'm asking you to read it and I want you to do that for me." But, alas, it's too offensive.  Better to have your kin digging through trash cans for their supper and calling for help from FEMA.  We don't want to offend anyone, do we?

Rather than look for real solutions, no matter how personal they are, people are letting rich autocrats, wage and debt slaveholders, and media pimps divide society along artificial lines that keep the wage masters in power. Rich vs. Poor, Liberal vs. Conservative, Statist Reds vs. Statist Blues.  The real and natural division should be between the thinker and the thoughtless, the mind slave and the free man, the city vs. the country, the dependent consumer vs. the producer, etc.

Liberals are all crowing... "see, Big Government works!"  Conservatives are just mad that Obama isn't getting blamed like Bush was.  None of them have answers, and we will all throw printed money at the problem and raise another generation of dependent mental cripples, even worse than the ones who're running the world now, and everyone will cross their fingers and hope that the inevitable implosion doesn't happen for another 50 years, because God-forbid anyone be uncomfortable as the Titanic that is Western Civilization slips beneath the surface.

Too bad.  It's coming... and it's coming soon, and I told you so.

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Your servant in Christ Jesus,
Michael Bunker

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