Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ranchfest Photo Bonanza

4/11/2012 - 4th Day - Morning. Greetings friends. Ranchfest going along very well, and we are having a fabulous time. The weather has been ideal, and most nights we have enjoyed sitting out by the fire because the temperatures have been so nice.

The construction projects are going well, and everyone is having a good time. We had an awesome Passover Seder on Monday evening (because it was the best time to fit it in), and Lasagna dinner yesterday was absolutely delicious. Believe me, you missed something special. Today we are having huge 2/3 lb. hamburgers cooked up by Mr. Sifford, and I'm pretty sure that the meat is 100% pure Longhorn meat from the Stonger's cow. I am looking forward to dinner here in a few hours, and you can believe that!

A beautiful Sabbath Morn
Morning Wheat
Most of our guests camped out right on the land
Early April Garden
Can you find the Lime on my Lime Tree?
Okra popping up
Peas starting to climb
On Friday: Pouring the Foundation
All the while: Smoking a lot of meat
Mesquite Smoke pouring out
Putting up Beadboard and Staining it
Such a big crowd!  We took over a local Restaurant
The first wall of the Cabin goes together
Actually, these pics are out of order.  Still the first wall.
First wall
Raising the First Wall
Through trick photography, Mr. Plumley seems to be getting into Industrial Food Prodution
Tracy takes advantage of the generator being used for power tools to slice up some bacon
Home grown, home butchered, home cured, home smoked, bacon!
You know you want some
Jalapenos showing up
Middle Gardens in Mid-April
We've loved the beautiful nights by the fire!
Alright y'all, it's back to work for us. More pictures later, if the Lord wills.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker


Anonymous said...

Loved all of the pictures. When is your daughter getting married?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

The pictures are great! It looks as if you all are having a wonderful time.
We raise and butcher our own hogs but we don't cure and smoke our own bacon. I'd like to...and we have a large smoker...I guess I'm just a little nervous to make an entire batch and have it not turn out. Can I please suggest a blog post, if you have the time, on your recipe and process of making your own bacon?
Thank you,

Michael Bunker said...

Anonymous, The date is not set yet. We're playing it by ear. We'll make an announcement here when we know, but thanks for asking!

MHQ, I would love to do a post on making bacon. Maybe next week, so check back and I'll try to put one together.