Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Final Stages of The Last Pilgrims

2/7/2012 - 3rd Day - Morning– Greetings y’all.  Yesteray, I OFFICIALLY finished work on The Last Pilgrims (Yay!).  That means I'm done writing, I'm done editing, and the book has been sent off to the publishing/printing process.  We are in the final stages of kicking this book out into the world, and I have to say I am grateful and excited about what is happening with the book.

There are now 4 more days left in our fundraiser, and as of this morning we have raised $7,390 for the cause.  I have decided that as soon as it is possible, I am going to start shipping signed copies to everyone who donated $30 or more to the campaign.  If you have already donated, you should already be on the list.  But don't let that stop you.  If you donate $30 or more in the next 24 hours, I am going to do my best to see that you get your signed copy of the book BEFORE the official book launch.  So, go right now to the IndieGoGo campaign page and do your donation of $30 or more and as soon as I have books in hand (that could be really soon), I will sign them and send them out.  Now, this doesn't mean that we won't need your help on the Book Bomb date (2/24/2012) because we will.  This is your own personal signed copy so you can read the book and no what you are talking about on Book Bomb date.  We will still need every one of you to help us out on the Book Bomb.  Every dime donated is going to increase what we can do to make this book launch successful.

Here are some links if you are new to The Last Pilgrims and you need to get caught up:

The Last Pilgrims website (book trailers, notes, news, etc.)
The Last Pilgrims IndieGoGo campaign (fundraising for marketing and promotion)
The Last PIlgrims on Facebook (Please go "Like" us)

Hey, Bloggers!  We're still looking for some folks to do reviews of the book.  If you are interested and you have a good sized audience, please do contact me (editor at lazarusunbound dot com).

Alrighty, the countdown is on!

Michael Bunker

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