Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Easy Giveaway

2/15/2012 - 4th Day - Morning.  8.5 days until the Book Bomb – Greetings y’all.  Well, picking the winners of the E-Book giveaway for The Last Pilgrims was easy.  I was giving away three free e-book copies of The Last Pilgrims in whatever format you would like (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, PDF, online, whatever...), but I only got two people who decided to enter.  It's strange, because 20 people "Liked" the Facebook page, and if they had only just emailed me to tell me they did so, they would have gotten a free e-book of TLP and they could be reading it right now.  Contests like this are funny.  People actually think they won't win, so they don't enter.  I actually gave a free Kindle away during the SOOG launch last year to a woman who was the only one who entered to win it!  And that was for a book that sold 800 copies in one day and went to #26 on the bestsellers list.  No one wanted a free Kindle?  That doesn't sound right.

So congratulations to Danielle (not my wife) and James for entering the contest.  You should have already received your email with instructions on how to receive The Last Pilgrims in whatever format you like.  And now I have one more free copy to give away.  If you want it, and based on the response yesterday, you MAY only have to tell me you liked the Facebook page.  Anyway, here are the things that get you a free entry into the drawing.  If you complete ANY of these tasks, and email me to tell me you did, you will get a free entry for each one.  You can get up to FIVE entries by completing the following tasks.  This is all pretty easy, so just email me at editor (at) lazarusunbound (dot) com, and I'll receive your entries.  If we have any entries, I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

1.  "Like" our Facebook page
2.  Tweet a comment and link to our The Last Pilgrims site on Twitter.
3.  Make a comment with a link on any Facebook page, forum, or blog comment (except this blog, of course)
4.  Put information and links about the book on your own website or blog.
5.  Be creative.

Despite the fact that this contest didn't go well (except for Danielle and James), the rest of the marketing and promoting is going great.  We went over 5,000 views on our Book Trailers, which is incredible and exciting.  We're hoping the reviews should be out soon.  I hope you've had the opportunity to read Shannon's review over at  We're looking forward to a couple of dozen other reviews that should be coming out between now and Book Bomb date on 2/24.

Y'all have a wonderful day!

Michael Bunker


Eva said...

Hey, I liked your FB page a while back, but didn't know you were having a contest or I would have entered. I would LOVE to be in the contest to win a copy of your ebook!


Anonymous said...

Do you want to know the first (and decisive)reason that I haven't 'liked' your book on facebook yet? Because I'm so counter-cultural that I'm not even on facebook! I am the 1%!

Michael Bunker said...


I'm betting it is either because your boss at your world job blocks facebook, or you are still on AOL and can't get Facebook to work right. I am the .001%!


Sam said...

I would love to win this book! I like you on fb