Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Bomb Instructions!

2/23/2012 - 5th Day - Morning.  16.5 hours until the The Last Pilgrims Book Bomb – Greetings  friends.  We're within the last 24 hours!  All of the thousands of hours of work are boiling down to this.  The possibilities and the future success of the book and series can really be determined in the next 48 hours.  So now is time for marching orders.  As we head out to the battle, please remember to pray for us and for the success of the book launch!

The Book Bomb and what we'd like you to do now

Please remember,and please remind everyone that this is an Indie book.  That means that we are not relying on a big, rich, mainstream publisher.  We are trying to make a huge splash in a big pond without the benefits of New York City offices, advertising agencies, literary agents, big budgets, etc.  We're competing against people with millions of dollars, and most (ALL) of the books in the top 25 on have had the benefit of corporate mainstream publishing support.  Is that daunting? NO.  Why?  Because I know that with your support we can do it.  To crack the top 25 would be a fabulous accomplishment.  People in huge corporate offices would get raises and promotions for an accomplishment like that, but we're trying to do it with nothing but sheer will-power and the love of a good book.  And I know we can do it.  Why?  Because 4 of the book/sets in the top 6 on are Hunger Games books.  And my children told me that this book is "WAY BETTER" than the Hunger Games.  How can we go wrong with reviews like that? (If you want unbiased reviews, go to our reviews page... the reviews have been unanimous, and just as positive.)  Here's what we've been told by virtually everyone who has read The Last Pilgrims...

1.  It is an awesome read - fun, educational, positive, and exciting
2.  Everyone should read it, and will like it
3.  They absolutely should make a movie out of it

On top of all of that, people will learn about what's wrong with the world, why it is breaking down, and what is likely to happen.  They'll learn how people survived, what life is like after a collapse, and the important things that they should be doing now.

This cannot happen without you.  We need your help, and we need it now.  Here are the steps we need you to take and what we'd like you to do based on your category...  Are you a:

Interested Bystander - Maybe you just found out about the book.  It sounds good and you are interested in reading it?  Check out our The Last Pilgrims website, watch our Book Trailers on that page, SHARE them with your friends and family (everyone on your network), and BUY THE BOOK - but not until tomorrow (Friday, 2/24).  If you have been fired up and motivated by this plea, then please buy as many copies as you can so you can give them to your friends and family.

New Last Pilgrims Fan - Perhaps you've been following our progress for awhile.  Maybe you read the online chapters, the novella, and you've been eagerly awaiting the launch of the book.  You are our biggest and greatest hope!  Why?  Because we absolutely know and trust that our Strong Supporters will do their duty; and we are pretty convinced that the Interested Bystanders will buy a copy.  But if those two groups do what we hope they will, we'll only get about half-way to our goal.  We need YOU to make the difference.  You are the heart and meat and soul of our success.  Are you upset that I called you "meat"?  Then forget that part... that was silly, I got carried away.  You are the sweet and creamy filling of our success donut.  If you don't eat donuts, then God Bless You and please fill in the above with something great that is absolutely the best and most important thing you can think of.  You are what will make us succeed or fail.   You will define the The Last Pilgrims saga forever.  If you stand up and help, we cannot fail.  If you JUST buy a book and watch from the sidelines, we will be dashed on the rocks.  Remember, our goal is 2,000 books tomorrow.  We cannot get there with just the sales from our strong supporters and our interested bystanders.  Those groups will account for maybe 500-800 books. YOU are our hope.  Here is what I am asking you to do...

We have less than 36 hours to push this campaign over the top.  We need buzz and we need it starting RIGHT NOW.  I've been saying this for six weeks, with moderate success, but we need your help today.  We need you to talk about the book with everyone.  We need you to cheerlead.  We need you to post links everywhere.  We need you to invade forums, blogs, websites, homes, citadels, castles, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  We need you to pay back all of those friends and family members who spam you incessantly with links to kittens and urban myths and videos you don't care about.  We need you to climb Mt. Everest and plant a Last Pilgrims flag there.  We need an Internet invasion.  We need you to convince 5 friends that they must buy this book or you will sever your friendship with them.  We need you to threaten little old ladies and puppies.  <---ok, not that last part.  But you get the point.  If you can commit yourself to making 10 book sales happen, then we will win.  You personally write down the number TEN and then commit to making 10 book sales happen in 36 hours from right now.  That's what it will take.  Then, after midnight tonight wherever you are, we need you to buy the book.  Buy as many copies as you can afford.  Don't worry about buying too many at one time.  We're asking our Strong Supporters to buy 5 copies each.  That would be a good goal.  Most of you have 5 members or more in your family.  This will be a great gift to them.

Strong Supporters - You know who you are.  You are the ones who fought and made Surviving Off Off-Grid such a success.  You are the ones that made our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign a smashing WIN.  You are the ones who read SOOG and it changed your life, and you want that for other people.  You are the ones who want this book to succeed as much as I do, because you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are people who will be fundamentally changed for the positive by it.  I am counting on you.  Your duty here is simple.  First, I need you to buy as many copies as you can tomorrow.  Do it early.  The Book Bomb starts right after midnight tonight wherever you are.  Then we need you to do all of the stuff the new TLP fans are doing. You are our bedrock and foundation.  I always appreciate you and thank you for your continued support.


Make sure to stay on The Last Pilgrims website tomorrow and watch our ranking.  We'll do our best to keep you updated on what's going on.  Keep praying for us, and keep motivating others to help.  We'll need every one of you all day.

Tomorrow (or later today) I am going to post a letter that you can copy and paste and then email to your whole email list.  They've been spamming you for years... right?  Be looking for it this evening.


Literally hundreds of people will be looking to buy the book tomorrow.  You can make money off of that, and it won't cost me or the customer one dime.  Amazon will pay you money for linking to the book (if someone buys anything during that trip).  Just go to Amazon Associates and sign up for an account.  Then you can get an affiliate link to the book and post it as a picture link or a text link in your emails.  The way it works is that when someone clicks on that link and goes to Amazon, you get a percentage of the sale NO MATTER WHAT THEY BUY ON THAT TRIP!  So if someone buys The Last Pilgrims and a big screen TV you will get a portion of that sale paid directly by Amazon.  Several people made $30 - $50 on the SOOG Book Bomb date last year, and this year will be bigger.  If you are planning on posting a link or a reminder for people to go buy the book tomorrow, make sure that your link is an Amazon Associates link.  If you'd rather I get the money, then use my Amazon Associates link... HERE.

Most of you Bloggers and Website folks have a lot of impact in your Internet community.  Some of you have thousands of Facebook fans.  All of your help is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow we can make the entire publishing industry stand up and take notice.  And we can reach millions of readers who would never have heard of The Last Pilgrims.  We can guarantee readers of the entire series.  We can show the world that a good story can be told without vampires and zombies and teenage angst and sexual androgeny and fantasy and trolls.  The Hunger Games has sold millions of copies, and tens of thousands every day, and - as this is better.  But how can people read it if they don't know it exists?

Alright, this has been overlong, but I wanted to encourage you.  I've done all I can do.  I just have to sit back and wait.  It's all in your court now.

Thank you in advance, and we hope to have a great day tomorrow!

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker

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