Saturday, January 14, 2012


As you know, there is an independent movie being made of my book Surviving Off Off-Grid.  Here is a full disclosure of the details:

I support the making of the movie, but I am NOT involved in it. I will be interviewed for the movie, and they will ask me my opinions, but I am not directing or producing the movie. I have every confidence that they know what they are doing and will do a good job, but I am NOT at all involved with the making of the movie.

I am, however, likely to get paid for the movie if it gets financed and gets made.  I am very hopeful and excited that these people know what they are doing and are going to make a good movie.

They just started their "kickstarter" campaign.  You should go check it out, and they have a pretty good trailer there as well.

Please help if you can, and spread the word.


Profil said...

Really great video, I'm looking forward to the documentary!

PS: may I suggest something; adding a search window on your blog, to make it easier for the readers to find certain topics.

Stay well

Michael Bunker said...


Thank you. There is a search window. At the very top there should be a blogger bar with

Follow Share Report Abuse Next Blog»

etc. Right before that is a box next to the blogger logo. That box is for searching this blog. If you type your query into it, it should work.



Ante Zivkovic said...

Profil is my wife, Kate. Lol. She though that that search button was for searching different kinds of blogs on blogger. Anyway, my comment on the documentary video is that they hire BillyBob for doing the voice over. The other guy's voice is..., well, you know.