Thursday, September 9, 2010

Podcast on Economics with Two Weeks Until Ranchfest

9/9/10 - 5th Day. Evening. Greetings y'all. Latest Podcast. Two weeks until Ranchfest...

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Agrarian Economics

  • Michael Bunker talks to the homegroup about Agrarian economics vs. Mercantilism, Industrialism, and Post-Industrial consumerism.

    Keywords: Michael Bunker, agrarianism, community, economics, mercantilism, industrialism

Hope y'all are well,

Michael Bunker


Ante Zivkovic said...

Great Podcast Michael. We say:If the Lord wills we will do this and that, but without praying about it first we are just giving God's sovereignty lip service and no deed of true acknowledgment of the same. How often do I neglect prayer about "little" things that could later add to grater picture because of lack of vision. We should pray without ceasing constantly about even the "little" things. Thanks Michael

Christopher Patton said...

This is all really interesting considering my family's history. My grandfather always talks about his father who was in the "mercantile business". He owned two dry goods stores in Central Tennessee. As these stores began to grow, he began to hire labor to work his 1700 acres and stop providing for himself. Then the Great Depression hit and because he had extended credit to many farmers who couldn't repay, his stores were forced to close.

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed the show. Keep up the good work you do. It is appreciated by many more than you might think.

Anonymous said...

These last two podcasts have given me a much deeper understanding of the agrarian economy. It makes perfect sense how interacting with the worlds economy can hurt an agrarian communities economy, and why true Christians should have their own economy. Thank you for giving us your insight on this.


Sanrico said...

Thanks for the enlightenment Michael. For to really know how these things work and how far it has Let us not forget God in all we do and how He would have us do them.


Herrick Kimball said...


I just took the time to listen to this entire podcast. It was very good. I think you have an excellent grasp of the "big picture."

Many thanks & best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Excellent podcast. Mercantilism? I don't think I have heard that term since I was in college, or was it in high school? With all the talk going on about the economy, I don't know of anyone else providing such a clear biblical response to what is happening. All they can say is buy guns, food and gold. They cannot (or will not) identify the root of the problem. We all SHOULD know that the beast/antichrist system is alive and fully operational. So, why do we tarry at coming out of her?


Anonymous said...

I've only listened to about half the podcast so far, but it is very helpful in helping decolonize the mind. Thank you for posting it!