Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Second Spring and Bunker Interviews

7/6/10 - 3rd Day - Morning. Greetings y'all. We've been experiencing "second spring" here since the rains came over a week ago. Cool daytime temps in the high 80's (cool for us in summer!) and beautiful nighttime temps have made it green and lush and very spring-like around here. The ponds are full, my catchwater tanks are mostly full, the creeks are full - and it is July! The prognosticators have more rain in the forecast for later this week, but the last few days have been sunny and beautiful. The blackeyed pea field is doing great, and the hoeing of weeds continues. We went to Sliger's, a local farmer's market the other day, and they had blackeyed pea pods as green beans for $1.99 a lb.! Wow. We are looking forward to the opportunity to begin picking for green beans sometime this month.

As some of you know, street-preaching radical and first amendment advocate Larry Keffer from Tampa came to visit me for about 3 days. As you can expect, we had some very interesting conversations - especially about what I believe about missionary evangelism, street preaching, modern evangelicalism, etc. More on that later, but while Larry was here, he recorded several little interview vignettes where he asked me questions (even what I thought about street preaching), and as you can guess - I told it like I see it. Larry also video recorded part 5 of the Wretched of the Earth sermon series:

So go to Larry's youtube page for a bunch of Q&A videos with me, the Wretched, Part 5 parts, and a whole lot of in-your-face (followed by arrests!) videos that will make you cringe a little bit, here is a teaser:

The sound is kinda bad, so you may have to turn your speakers way up. I suppose there will be quite a few more Michael Bunker videos going up on Larry's site.

Hope to get more up later.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker

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Bill Peck said...

Great stuff Michael, good to have it on YouTube...and much thanks to Larry!