Friday, July 30, 2010


7/30/10 - 6th Day - Morning. Preparation of the Sabbath. Greetings y'all. Harvest Time here in Central Texas. Y'all are going to be sick of me talking about blackeyed peas, but that is what is going on here at the ranch. We started seriously picking beans for green snap beans yesterday and we are at it again today. We're hoping to get quite a bit canned, and next week we are going to start picking bushel loads to sell. We had our first snap beans for supper the other night and they were delicious! Above, Robert picks like a champion. Below, Jennifer shows her first batch. Jennifer, Robert, and Sarah picked this bushel full this morning, and they are already headed to the canner.

Here are some that we canned yesterday, along with some of my world famous hot salsa. NO - as of right now, you cannot buy the salsa. So far we cannot produce enough cheaply to sell. I'd have to get about $8 - $9 a jar right now based on the high quality and high demand products going into it. Maybe later in the summer when production and availability increases, I can make enough to make it cheaply enough to sell some to y'all. Some of you might get some in a future batch of "Get a load of Central Texas" though. I can tell you this though, the people who have tried it so far this year exclaimed that $9 a jar would be CHEAP.

Listen, we're really busy out here, so I hope you will forgive me for the short posting. Just wanted you to know what's up.
As always, we praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the increase.
Your servant in Christ Jesus,
Michael Bunker


Anonymous said...

Your bean fields, harvest, and canned outcome, all look great! As does the Salsa. Busy is an understatement, I'm sure, so thanks for the post! Praise God for His provisions for all of you!

Do you share your recipe for Salsa with those far away via PM? I have both tomatoes and peppers ripening soon, and Salsa is one of the first things made when God provides these ingredients. I always like trying new salsa variations, so if you do share recipes, I'd appreciate yours. Thanks!

Have a blessed Sabbath and Lords day!


Ante Zivkovic said...

Have a blessed Sabbath

Ante Zivkovic said...

My wife makes a great Black eyed peas stu. Only downside is that it blows you up wore than beans.

Bill Peck said...

Awesome bro! I had some too and yes, they were DELISH!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you for a bit with the beans. How did Tracy get out of the bean picking business? I am sure she is pulling her weight doing something else. Perhaps she could post on her blog and tell us all about how the summer is going *hint hint*. I know some people who would really like it.

Now that you have gotten us all fired up with the salsa talk, you need to share the recipe. Now that I have named that I want the recipe, now you have to let me claim it.. Isn't that the modern prosperity gospel?



Anonymous said...

Your bean field looks incredible. Praise God for the increase.

With just one and one half rows of beans, I have canned almost 100 quarts of beans in a season, so I know you have a huge crop there.

May God bless your marketing of these beans also.


Michelle said...

I'd love to see the recipe as well. I make a pretty good salsa but would like to make a Killer one:)

Ann from KY said...

Yummy!! We are having a bad bean season here in KY, so that is a blessing! Still trying to get our first batch of fresh beans to eat! Right now on our third replanting. Happy Canning!

Sanrico said...

I thank the Lord for you increase Michael.

Sanrico said...

And how about that recipe...

Michael Bunker said...

Beth,, Sorry, I don't use recipes, and this one would be so busy and troublesome most people wouldn't go to the trouble. Every time I make it it is a bit different, based on available ingredients, but it always comes out tasting great. One of these days maybe I'll get Tracy to write down the recipe while we are making the salsa, but for now - sorry I can't help.

Todd, You are correct. Tracy usually does not pick beans because she is busy in the garden, or in canning, or in some other pursuit on my behalf. She is almost always filling in for me while I am working elsewhere.

Thank you all for the encouragement, and we praise God for the increase.