Friday, March 19, 2010

Podcast #12 is UP!

3/19/10 - 6th - Morning. Preparation of the Sabbath. Greetings y'all. Podcast #12 is up and ready for download. Podcast #13 is recorded, and should go up in the next few days. Please take the time to comment here about Podcast #12:

Download A Grab Bag of Questions for Michael 03-17-2010 (27.58 MB)

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A Grab Bag of Questions for Michael

  • Michael Bunker answers questions from his mail bag about Predestination and Foreordination, where we were before we were, inventions, small cabins, and such.

    Keywords: Michael Bunker, predestination, foreordination fore-ordained, ordination, witty inventions, technology, CPS, cabins, off-grid living, obedience, Christianity


Ryan Powers said...

Liked it, now I am stimulated to hit old bookstores in the area looking for historical works. Then I can mine them for ideas and methods built around an agarian reality.

Judy said...


Once again, I'm really enjoying the podcasts. I have a couple of things to comment on.

I had to kind of stop and go "Whoa" when I heard the question about inquisitiveness and invention pulling one away from the agrarian life. The day to day challenges of our life on the land and the creativity required to deal with them are things I treasure about this lifestyle. If I had to "move to town and get on cable" as we say, I'd be bored out of my mind.

On the question about cabin living I wanted to second your advice about not simply attempting to transplant city life into a country setting. I can't emphasize enough how important downsizing is to the process of learning to live an agrarian life. If you don't, you'll find yourself in a year or so saying, "I think we messed up somewhere."

Thanks again for the podcasts.

Judy on Big Turtle Creek (creatively cozy in 210 square feet!)

Judy said...

Michael, I just put up a new blog post with some suggestions for books that might help the listener with the question on where to find info.