Monday, February 8, 2010

Scattershooting in the Damp February Morning

2/08/10 - 2nd Day - Morning. Greetings y'all. Guess what? It's raining... again. Been raining on and off all night and into today. We had two days of sunshine and now the rain/mud is back. Seriously, If I wanted to live in England I would move to England. It took me a half an hour to get the fire started in the office this morning and it is still damp/chilly. We appreciate the rain though. It will be nice (if the Lord wills) to have our tanks filled this spring for the first time since 2006. I am very much looking forward to spring and planting.

I finished Podcast #6 yesterday and it is in Webmaster/Elder David Sifford's hands, so I hope you will get to download it today. The best way to do this is to subscribe via ITunes, which is free. Here is the Podcast page so you can bookmark it and check regularly:

In the future, if you send a Q for the Podcast and you don't mind me saying "Meg in Baltimore" or "Pedro in London" to identify your question, please let me know by signing your question in that format. If you don't want me identifying you at all, then just leave your question unsigned and I won't say anything. Also... Need more questions or show suggestions.

I don't have a TV and didn't watch the SuperBowl, but I did see this SuperBowl commercial online. Frightening. As my atheist friend Chris Awalt said "I thought it had a surprising, subversive feel. Subversive because it showed a fantasy police state coming at its citizens with a spirited (if not yet totally efficient) authoritarian vigor. Surprising because the totalitarian regime in question was not a neo-con policy room in the inner sanctum of Dick Cheney's office, but a dream sequence in the quite slumber of the global warming crowd."

Big nod to my buddy Ante in Croatia for this one... Hilarious. Stormtroopers and 9/11.

Pope Benedict the Ecks Vee Eye (16) condemns child abuse by priests. Excellent. In a related story, Charles Manson condemned murders by the Manson Family. Benedict was very careful to emphasize CHILD abuse as the one that he is now condemning. "For centuries, the Catholic Church has shown its commitment to loving and respecting children and ensuring their basic human rights are respected", Benedict told members of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family. "Except for those centuries when we were cutting out the tongues of children who said the Lord's Prayer in English, or during that whole 'Inquisition thing' when we burned the children of heretics along with their parents. But, other than those few times... oh... and when we sent huge Papal armies to wipe out the Waldenses and we threw their babies off of cliffs or tied them into balls and rolled them down the mountains, but other than that... oh... and there were those centuries when each of us priests had an altar boy back in our chamber... those were the days... and that time when I was a boy and I was in the Hitler youth and we helped Hitler with his plan to kill all the Jew babies... but other than those few exceptions, we have always respected the human rights of children."

Stories like this one give a whole new meaning to "FOXNews"... Ok. I'm sorry. I apologize. Bad blogger preacher... bad.

This is a good story about beer and health, but I don't know what that see-through beverage is that they have in the picture. Looks like urine?

The Rev. Russel Schaller, 35, is facing six charges of third-degree CSC charges for having inappropriate contact with a boy. With a mugshot photo that screams I AM REVEREND.

Battle Creek, Michigan "church" whose attendance collapsed because of economics, organizational issues, historical traditions and social upheaval" (read: bad doctrine, stupid financial decisions, and gambling going into a recession), hires a female "reverend" to fix things. Nice. That ought to do it.

Folks that bragged that they "never touched alcohol" but drink tons of sodas instead, get bonus pancreatic cancer for not thinking it through.

Alright. Y'all go have a great day.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker

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Renée said...

First, a big shout out and thank you to David Sifford for his work on the missing Isaiah commentary. Very cool!

Podcast #6

I liked being reminded that our rule of living is not past experience, it is the bible

The most benefit was gained in the discussion on prayer without ceasing. I thought it was that one should constantly consider God throughout the day, but it was good to get perspective on the subject. This is why we women need to wear headcovering at all times (I don't sleep in mine, but I'm not conscious when I sleep, so I reckon I won't be praying much). Prayer is not something you stop and do right after grabbing the headcovering, it’s done without ceasing, and so it just makes sense to wear one during waking hours.

I was typing this while the show is still playing and you are now covering the subject of headcoverings. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

By the way, I’m sipping a glass of wine while listening to the question on drinking. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Very cool to understand that Pharisee-ism is derived by using sin to create doctrine rather than the bible, and this comes full circle of the original point I took from the show. Coincidence? I don’t think so.