Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scattershooting in April

4/02/09 - 5th Day - After Breakfast. Hey y'all. Sorry to break into the Persecution and Reflection story, but it is going to be difficult for me to give you all a new episode any time soon. Ranchfest begins on Saturday, so we will have guests here and will be doing projects until the 11th, then my mother and sister are visiting on the 12th, so it looks like all of next week will see no new episodes. However, this blog features a great "re-runs" feature, so all you have to do is go to the archives section over in the right-hand column and you can go back and re-read your favorite episodes!

This caused me great pain... Herrick Kimball has quit his regular blogging and will just be posting a monthly Deliberate Agrarian update. Herrick, I envy you, and I will miss your regular blogs. There are only about 2 other blogs that I check every single day, and yours was one of them. I hope you leaving was not because of the recent stupid and emotional attacks on Christian Agrarianism and the good folks like you who have contributed so much to it. As you said, Christian Agrarianism is not a cult, and exhorting people to get out of the failed industrial system, and to separate from the wickedness of that system, is not cultish or legalistic. One of the unhappy realities of the internet age, is that any nobody worldling with a wrecked personal life, a complete absence of any qualifications, and a trail of personally caused disaster behind him, can start a blog, lie about his credentials and history, and come across as an expert - and, unhappily, gullible people who have never been taught to check the real fruit in a man's life, will read such stupid unlearned and personally driven attacks and pabulum and will suddenly begin to feel peace in the worldly consumerist life that God has condemned. One day I will quit too, Herrick, and I hope it will be sooner and not later. I certainly don't think my work is done yet, but let's just say if the internet disappeared tomorrow, though I would miss many of the friends I have gained through it (like you) I know that I would not miss it. I appreciate your honesty and your honorable way of life, and I hope you stay in touch. I hope to see you again and to have the opportunity to share another meal with you if we ever get the opportunity.

For those of you who just stop by every day to see what's going on, and maybe you don't keep your fingers on the pulse of "Christian Agrarianism", you may not know that the world and it's lovers and adherents have launched a pretty wide and systemic attack on Agrarianism and Separatism lately. The attack has mainly been launched by world-loving women and men who are basically women (neutered males who operate by emotion), but it is impressive in that it is now gaining its "piler onners" (those who already hated the idea of Agrarianism and Separatism, but who were too cowardly to be the first to break a window), the spineless "me too'ers" who claim to have some love for Agrarianism and who glad-hand "separatism" so long as those things are never defined, and so long as no one is ever convicted of worldliness or syncretism by that definition. Now most of you have never been in a mob riot, but I have, and there are very few things more frightening than a mob of "me too'ers" with rocks or sticks out to destroy something because its existence threatens them or enflames their consciences. Frankly, worldlings and industrial air-condition lovers have the whole internet to hawk their wares and to recruit false "christians" to their way of life, so I find it interesting that many of them now find it necessary to seek out such a small sliver of the internet society to attack... Most of these attacks and attackers fit into the following categories:

1. I really, really, really, really, really want to be obedient, and don't want to live in a way that God condemns, so I really, really, really studied and prayed about Christian Agrarianism. I felt really, really, really condemned and I felt like people were telling me I wasn't saved, so I prayed about it a whole, whole, whole lot and God showed me that Christian Agrarian Separatists are all legalists who are in a cult, and God just wants us to be happy, and I'm not giving up Christmas AND air-conditioning and TV you can bet on that, so I just want to experience grace and I pray for all of you who are stuck in the legalistic cult of Christian Agrarianism!

2. Me too! I was in such a cult (I'm not mentioning Michael Bunker's name or Biblical Agrarianism, but you get the point) and God freed me from it. I used to live with Bunker at his compound (I mean "ranch") and I was in the leadership (I mean I was a dropout who he couldn't trust to take out the trash). I was rudely treated (Michael and the leadership advised me not to run off with an unbeliever girlfriend whose Father did not approve of us getting married) and they were really legalistic and judgmental towards me (when I married the unbeliever against all advice and counsel and she then dumped me and took my gun and killed all my chickens, they refused to run to my aid or take me back). By God's grace I was delivered from Christian Sectarianism (Godly separation) when I met another girl who I married. Now that I'm a good 28 year old divorcee Presbyterian with a hot red sports car and I have been delivered and set free, I'm going to be the foremost expert in helping others get delivered from this cult too!

3. Me too! God just wants to love you and save you! He loves inner city pimps just as much as he loves Christian Agrarians. So go be an inner city pimp! God loves whores and tax-collectors - the Bible proves it - so don't let anyone tell you that God has a promise of a better way of live, less dependent on the world, more dependent on Him and His providence. That's not true. I saw Hustle and Flow and I know God loves me no matter how I live.

4. Me too! Christian Agrarianism is NOT Christianity! I mean, some of these people out there equate Christian or Biblical Agrarianism with Christianity, meaning that you cannot be a Christian unless you are one of them! HA! (what follows is more Red Herrings, Straw Men, Excluded Middles, Lies, Innuendo, and numerous other logical fallacies). Cult! Compound! Leading Astray! Bad, bad, extra-biblical teaching! Phhhhttt! I used to be one of them, and I felt CONDEMNED! Phhhhtttt!

Ok, enough of that. You should know that this attack is out there, and you should examine the roots of it because most people (especially movement groupies who really have no hope or plan of ever living the life they like to read about) are cowards who are not willing to stand and defend what they say they believe. Rats will be jumping off the Christian Agrarian bandwagon now that a bunch of women have decided to throw it under the bus. I ask those of you who have truly been motivated by God to seek a more true, holy, and Biblical way of life to stay tuned, stay tough, and stand.

I know that I have better things to do than to debate scorned women, failed 20-something divorcee songwriters, and manic depressives, so I'll get back to work.

Y'all be cool,

Michael Bunker


Anonymous said...

what percentage of your fans are women?

Michael Bunker said...


I wouldn't call any of them "fans", though I would call them readers. I would say 75% of my readers are women. Many of them are intelligent Proverbs 31 women who know what I am saying and understand what I mean and agree with me. The other portion are, well...

Exactly my point.


Bill Peck said...

Man I'm so glad for the link to that blog Michael, I had NO IDEA we were moving to Utopia! WOW, COOL!


Anonymous said...

75% who know what I am saying and understand what I mean and agree with me

just what I figured

Anonymous said...

Hey obviously ran two of Michael sentences together to make your inaccurate point. Maybe you should read again.

An Intelligent Proverbs 31 woman.


onbigturtlecreek said...

I've been noticing the recent agrarianism-is-a-cult stuff. At first it troubled me a bit, but it didn't take more than a minute or two for me to sit back and realize that button-pushers only win when you let them push your buttons.

I, too, am saddened that Mr. Kimball is ending his blog. Like Michael, though, I realize that living the life we've chosen is more important than writing about it and I completely support them both for their contributions to spreading the word of truth.

I'm one of the 75% and I give no credence to those who won't sign their name to their comments.

Geneva said...

I saw some rumors about you on a message board. I don't want to post a link to it and spread gossip, but I was wondering if this type of thing is what you were referring to regarding the attacks on Christian agrarianism.
If you care to read it, I can send a link to you personally, but I wouldn't want to post it here. Also wouldn't blame you for not wanting to waste time reading it.

alc said...


I am saddened about Mr. Kimball not blogging anymore. Thank you for turning me on to him. I pray that you don't follow suit.

Al C

Michael Bunker said...


well, the good thing is, with Herrick gone and many of the other Agrarian writers either heading for cover or covering their backsides, that'll leave me to take most of the flack, and I'm just the guy for the job. You'll read worse stuff about me than you possibly could have read so far. In fact, according to the internet blogs I should be too busy getting drunk, playing online poker, and beating my family or running around with my mistress to have time to write a blog, kick crippled dogs, or steal candy from babies. Just stay tuned, it'll get worse. And these are the people who call themselves "christians". Remember, as I have been saying in the Persecution and Reflections series, if these people could stone me, they would. They actually hate when I say that, because they know it is true...

(as they read this, they are sending me a comment or private email that says, "No MR. BUNKER, I do not want to kill you... I PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL! YOU WICKED, WICKED SON OF PERDITION!")

Which really means, I want to kill you, but I'm too big of a coward, and the law won't let me yet...


mary said...

Michael~ I'm sorry you have to go through all this. I guess I'm naive, I never knew there could be such evil people in this world. My prayers are with you and your family.

kjvbaptist said...

hey bunk....stick to insightful blogging about agriculture. this pitty party post that has your throne commenting on your behalf is causing nause. and how do you post posts that continually make sense but at the same time are crazy drunk. whatever your drinking keep guzzling bro

Michael Bunker said...


Yes, apparently they say I am drunk all the time and too busy playing online poker and abusing my family and children to be able to do any work.


You're right, I want some of whatever they say I am drinking.


Lucy said...

Those excuses are so accurate!lol