Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April Scattershooting: Collard Greens and Tamiflu

4/30/09 - 5th Day - After Breakfast. The end of April is here, and this will be the last blog post before the May Project begins. Unless something extra-ordinary happens I won't be blogging in May. Instead, my blog is being turned over to my readers, starting tomorrow. Check in every day to read what my friends have to say. I'll be back in June for a fun participation project, so y'all make sure to tune in every day.

Hey, the picture up top is one that Tracy took of the collards she picked from the garden for yesterday's supper. Here's how to make some quick, delicious, southern collards for supper:

You'll need about a "bunch" (technical term) of collards, like in the basket in the picture. Cut out or remove the heavy stems - they make great rabbit or chicken feed. We like to tear or cut the collards into sections about 2 inches squarish, but cut or tear it into pieces whatever size you want to eat. Add water and bring the collards to a boil. At any time you can add whatever spices you like. We like seasoned salt and pepper, with maybe some garlic powder. When the water comes to a boil, we add a quart jar of cubed pork, but you can add any type or kind of meat (preferably pork), like a chunk of cooked bacon, ham hocks, etc. for flavoring. Turn off the heat and cover the pot and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. If it has cooled too much, heat it up again before serving. The collards should be tender and delicious. Make sure you serve the collards and pork with the juice/soup/stock. The juice is called the "Pot liquor" or "pot likker". This is the best and the healthiest part, so don't forget it. Serve with cornbread, which is buttered and dipped in the pot likker. My children like the collards a lot, but they will fight over the pot likker. Leftovers can be canned and served the next time you have collards. Collard greens grow really well, and are very, very productive and healthy. Collards handle the heat well, and also are great for a fall crop and often will make it through the winter in areas like ours. Brother Chris, who lives here in the community, has a collard plant that he planted last year that is still growing and producing for him in its second year.

You'd definitely prefer the swine flu to the Tamiflu. The swine flu, though deadly in some very, very, very rare cases (usually involving small children, old people, people who are already sickly, the weak, or those with weakened immune systems), is actually a very mild form of the flu. It has the regular flu symptoms, and almost everyone who gets it, unless weakened for some other reason, should recover well and quickly with no medication or vaccines, and little or no side-effects. However, if this thing becomes a pandemic, some idiots will be trying to force people to take Tamiflu, or worse. Come September or so, there will be a new flu vaccine, which in and of itself will probably kill tens of thousands of people. There are 35,000 deaths from the flu each flu season, and my personal opinion is that most of these deaths involve people who took a flu shot. This next season the flu shot will be particularly deadly in my opinion.

Anyway, if you get the flu, and you just tough it out, you should be fine. You will exhibit normal flu symptoms... headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and abdominal pain. You should be better in a couple of days. Now, here are the adverse drug reactions to Tamiflu... headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and abdominal pain... AND... hepatitis, anaphylactic shock, toxic epidermal necrosis, cardiac arrhythmia, seizure, confusion, aggravation of diabetes, hemorrhagic colitis, and possible depression or aggravation leading to suicide. Hmmm... which is worse? In Japan they found that young people aged 10-19 who took Tamiflu were trying to jump off buildings and otherwise kill themselves. Frankly, you are better off with the flu. I'm not saying go lick some pi
ñatas, but I'm saying that a good immune system and a complete lack of worry is the best solution. Oh, and being separate from the world is a good idea too.

Oh, and why risk taking Tamiflu?

"After following WHO protocols in treating 41 victims of the H5N1 bird flu virus (19% of the worldwide cases of bird flu reported to date), Nguyen Tuong Van, MD, who runs the intensive care unit of the Center for Tropical Diseases in Hanoi, Vietnam concluded that Tamiflu, the drug most widely stockpiled around the world to combat a potential bird flu pandemic, is "useless". According to this article, the WHO confirmed Van's experience stating that Tamiflu has not been "widely successful in human patients"." (Wikipedia)
So, despite the facts, the U.S. government is stockpiling millions and millions of doses of Tamiflu. I wonder who has stock in the companies that make these flu drugs and vaccines? Obama's friends and Dick Cheney. Think of this as the bailout for the pharmaceutical industry.

By the way,
collards are a potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer food, and are a great booster of the immune system.

Doublespeak U.S.A... Joe Biden told the press that he would advise his healthy family members not to travel, or to get into close spaces (like planes, trains, and automobiles) in order to protect themselves from the Pig Flu. The White House immediately twisted what he said by claiming that Biden had only said what was the official policy of the administration, that SICK people ought not travel or be in enclosed spaces. Ummm.. That's not what he said. I have heard administrations lie openly and brazenly to the people for all of my 42 years of life, but I have never heard an administration lie so blatantly and openly WHEN THE TRUTH IS ALREADY OUT THERE AND ANYONE CAN GO LISTEN TO IT! Like when the administration said that Obama did not bow to the Saudi king, when, as they were denying it, the picture of Obama bowing to the Saudi king was on every newspaper and news site in America.

I just read that The WHO just recently upped their pandemic alert level from 4 to 5. I didn't even know the WHO was back together. I always got them confused with The Guess Who anyway. Mainly just you old folks like me will get that joke... I'm talking about My Generation. I had an opportunity when I was young to go see The Who in concert (my parents obviously did not know about it), but I could not get anyone to tell me who we were going to go see. It was all very confusing.

Listen, I know why you people come here every day. Where else do you get a recipe for southern collard greens, advice in a pandemic, a warning against Tamiflu, and a WHO joke all in the same post? Frankly, I'm surprised everyone doesn't read this blog. We know what they are missing, don't we (wink, wink).

Hey, I'll miss y'all over the next month, but I'll be here reading what my readers have to say all the month of May.

Y'all be cool,

Michael Bunker


Anonymous said...

I just made a big mess 'o greens last night. I do a collards and kale mix. I use smoked turkey neck and chicken stock to season. No salt necessary as the smoked turkey provides enough of that.

I really appreciate your thoughts on the Swine flu and Tamiflu. I had almost forgotten about the partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the ministries of propaganda and was just about to consider that they may have our best interests at heart. Shame on me. Sonya

Bill Peck said...

During the swine flu scare/concern/hoopla back in 77, I was forced by Uncle Sam (US Air Force style) to get a shot, and I can assure you I would've preferred the real flu for 2-3 days vs what I went through for about the next 24 hours.

Regarding the WHO, well, I'm sure Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend will be avoiding Tamiflu, as you know how hard that stuff can be on the elderly (though it's possible their two ODed dead mates would've gladly injected it). And WHO knows, maybe they took some in the past and Won't Get Fooled Again (by the NWO "boss".)

OOOOK, LOL, looking forward to the May Blog, have a nice break MB.


alc said...

Thanks for the greens recipe. (You too Sonya) Sounds good and my children might like them better than some other vegis we try to push on them.

I got the WHO references Michael. Very good. I thought they were on first...Oh sorry that's a different joke.

Well we'll read ya next month.


dukygurl said...

I appreciate your info on "swine flu" I especially appreciate the info on tamiflu. I also found some of the same studies online and I feel strongly that parents should be very careful who they trust with their children's health. The media has really made this a terrifying case which at this time seems to be more hype than truth.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your thoughts on the Swine flu and Tamiflu.

I used to ask my Mother why she took the flu shot when it made her so sick, it seemed like it would be better to get the flu than the shot, did not know at the time about the flu vaccines.

Mustard greens is also good, fry bacon and onion and then add chopped up mustard greens to hot grease and add water and simmer, does not taste like the canned mix.


Anonymous said...

Since the swine flu seems to be affecting teens and young adults, people you'd least expect to be affected, I, too, am inclined to believe most of them probably had the flu shot. I have read that during the 1918 flu pandemic the same age range of folk were hardest hit worldwide so I wonder if anyone knows what the common factor was that so many people from this age range died from complications caused by the spanish flu in 1918? Just curious.
I hear the media is no longer referring to it as the "swine" flue.