Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Tips and Some Pics

5/18/08 - The Lord's Day - After Breakfast. A friend has notified me that one of my books - Swarms of Locusts - has been discounted 10% on, and there are also some actual discounted used copies available as well - which is very, very rare.

Ok, here is the hog trap we procured. Elder David Sifford and I went in together and bought this trap from our local feed store. We have placed it back behind our pond, and we are baiting it now to get the boars used to coming around it for food, and we will actually set it sometime today or tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my partial onion harvest. I picked 114 onions this morning and will be preparing them for preserving later today or tomorrow. I still have about 300 or so onions still in the ground:

Here is a picture of one of my rows of tomatoes here in May:

Here is an angled shot of most of the garden this May morning:

I have been reading a great book, the classic book on Longhorns by J. Frank Dobie entitled: The Longhorns. I haven't finished it yet in order to do a review on it, but I wanted to link to it here in case anyone wanted to get a jump start on the book. It is a fabulous example of old-time story telling.

Well, I have to go get prepared for our Lord's Day Fellowship.

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Michael Bunker

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