Friday, October 26, 2007

Outside Work

10/26/07 - 6th Day - The Preparation of the Sabbath. Good Morning. Up at 5 a.m. this morning to milk Holga and get the chores done. Some of the boys and I are off again this morning to work at an outside job. We are helping an absentee rancher build his cabin. Yestderday Liviu, Kelly and I worked on siding the cabin, and today and probably a few days next week will be doing the same. The weather has been gorgeous, though a bit chilly in the morning (it is 38 this morning - the coldest morning so far!). Yesterday, by 10 a.m. it was in the high 60's and stayed in the 70's all day. What a perfect day to work. Today is supposed to be 75 and sunny, so it should be great.

The guys and I were commenting on how great it is to live off-grid as Agrarians, so that even when we do go work on an outside job for someone, we work together and, like Liviu said yesterday, "it is like being on break all day long", since even our work time is spent talking about the things we live and what we believe. Too many people are stuck in the thinking that they have to work some industrial job in order to live this life. They cannot see that God will provide whatever work is necessary for us to keep going and moving forward. Let me explain...

Since we have been living here at the ranch, off-grid and in community with like-minded Agrarian believers, we have constantly had people in the towns come up to us and comment on how well-behaved our children are, and how much they appreciate having "us" in the community. Well, shortly after that, we began having people approach us and ask us if we wanted work. We would tell people to contact us, and alert them that we do not work on the weekends (the Sabbath and the Lord's Day) and that we like to work "day to day", being paid for each days work. "No problem" most of them would say. So we will go out and work for these guys, being paid well, and since we work hard and conscientiously, they always want us back (DV). They also tell other people about us, and believe me, people always want workers who work hard, show up on time, do their duty, etc. So we actually usually have more work than the men can do, and that will only increase. Some of the absentee ranchers would have several of us there every day if they could. Each man can usually work when he wants, and as much as is necessary. Those who need to work nearly full time, can still flex their schedule, take off for community work days or days they need off, and if someone else is available on that day, they can work instead. Elder David and I can kind of float and "fill holes" if someone is needed. So God continues to provide, and like Liviu said, since we work together, it is almost like we never left the ranch, and our conversation is still on the things we ought to be talking about. Yesterday, we got numerous building ideas from watching how our employer was building his cabin.

Now, each of us would love nothing more than to be able to stay at the ranch, work our own property, and to live completely off the land. But we are certainly not there yet, and we may never get to the place where we absolutely never need outside work. People are always contacting me and telling me that they would like to go off-grid, and that they would love to live off the land, but they cannot quit their "day job". I don't believe that. I've seen too many people do it, and survive and thrive. C'mon by and see.

You'll probably read the above rant again in one of the future parts of the Agrarian off-grid series.

Anyway, have to get some chores done so I can go to work this morning. Lord willing, it will be another pleasant day of fellowship with the brethren.

Hope all is well with you all.


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