Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some Stuff to Think About

9/05/07 - 4th Day - After Breakfast. I usually don't do my random scattershooting here, but here goes...

I don't like untrained dogs or untrained people. Untrained people I can deal with if they are at all meek and willing to learn - this includes teachers.

A man crawls on his belly for those who are not even willing to walk on their knees. Christ was willing to die for people who aren't willing to walk.

A stiff neck makes it almost impossible to see the hole into which you are heading.

Dogs will return to their own vomit, but at least it was their vomit. For some people, almost any vomit will do.

It is shocking how inadequate human intelligence is in understanding the things of God. The only thing worse than having some of it, is having none of it.

I was watching my children and I was shocked, appalled and amazed at how remarkably ignorant and hard-headed they can be - and as I was doing this, I could almost hear the voice of God (who was looking at me) say, "yep".

There is a lot of discussion, debate, etc., going on right now about Romans 13. Apparently some news organization exposed what we have known for years - that the government is recruiting pimp preachers to pacify the people into giving up their guns if martial law is declared. I've read all the emails and the warnings. I've read the junk put out by the pimp preachers, and I've read the articles written by those who oppose the fallacious teaching on Romans 13. There are one of two pretty good preachers who have written some articles on the subject. However, I cannot tell you how so many people (on every side) can get so many things so wrong. False presuppositions lead to so many errors. I preached on this stuff all over the country, very publicly, for many years. But I was wrong on some stuff too. I think I am too tired, too jaded, too cynical, or too fed up to enter the fray. Clearly, if someone is telling you you must submit to government no matter what, they are not a messenger of God, and what they teach is error. Still, if someone is telling you that you should resist government no matter what... same thing applies. I hope, when I suffer, to suffer for Christ's sake. The u.s. constitution is NOT Christ. Neither is the right to bear arms. The government is not God, but neither is freedom. There is a time to fight, but you better know what you are fighting for, and it better be a Biblical cause. There are some good preachers out there making some glaring errors... so maybe you should pray about that. Make sure in your zeal not to worship at the altar to Caesar, that you do not bow your knee to Patria or Libertas - also false gods.


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John said...

What are some Biblical causes to fight for? If so many people on every side get so many things wrong, I suppose I am one of those. I am hoping MB will comment, but I am hoping others will also.