Friday, September 21, 2007


9/21/07 - 6th Day - Preparation of the Sabbath. After Breakfast. There are acorns everywhere. I was always told that acorns are poisonous (not true), and that squirrels plant oak trees by burying acorns and forgetting where they buried them (kind of true). In fact, squirrels keep a very detailed mental map of where they have buried acorns, but on occasion they do forget one or two. And sometimes they are eaten by bobcats before they go back to dig up their acorns, which really isn't "forgetting" where you buried them. Anyway, we have acorns everywhere which has led me this morning to studying about them. They were a food staple for the Indians and for many other cultures around the world. The main reason they are not a food staple now is because it is somewhat troublesome to take the time and effort to leech out all the tannins in them. I might try it. I can imagine an acorn/mesquite coffee this year... maybe. I mean, it seems a shame to have literally hundreds of pounds of acorns and only use them for pig food. By the way, we have been having the children pick up acorns for pig food. The pigs love them.

I'll be working on part two of the Off-Grid Living series, so expect it later today. Lots of thoughts on that. If you haven't read part one, CLICK HERE. If you have read part 1, please take the time to comment, ask questions, or discuss it using the comment link.

Hope all is well with you all.


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