Wednesday, July 25, 2007


7/25/06 - 4th Day - After Breakfast. We received a little more rain yesterday, which was nice, bringing out total for the last week to about 3/4 of an inch. Everything is still really green and our humidity is high. The gardens could still use some more rain, but we are doing really well so far. We will be canning another load of green beans today, along with some more tomatoes and some peaches.


Ok, Danielle and I picked some figs off of our fig tree the other day. I have never had a fig tree and I have never eaten fresh figs before. It was quite a treat. I had the children come up on the porch and I popped a fig into the mouth of each one of them and they each pronounced them "delicious". Figs are allegedly very prolific, and if they do well in our climate and soil we should get a lot of them. The story is that figs were introduced into England about the time of the Reformation and in only a few hundred years had elicited the saying "I don't give a fig", which emphasizes that figs were so abundant that they were considered almost worthless. Contrarily, in more recent times, figs were so valuable in Columbia and places in South and Central America that they were selling for upwards of $8 a pound! So if you told someone in Columbia "I give a fig", it would mean "I really, really do care". I am excited about having figs as a part of our orchard, and I'm excited about introducing a classic (and Biblical) fruit and flavor into our diet. Now if only I could get some olive trees to survive here.

I hope all is well with you all out there, and, I really do give a fig about that.


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