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Scattershooting in June

6/05/07 - 3rd Day - After Breakfast.


Agrarian Separatism

Agrarianism naturally puts us into closer contact with God's creation. We hear (or see) His still small voice in the minute changes of the weather, in its extremes, in the animal and plant life. The example of the righteous in Israel in the Bible is interesting - the elect few were able to see the hand of God in conditions and events, and gave Him alone the glory for all His mighty works; when chastised they repented, and when blessed they praised God. The Puritans, also Agrarians, exemplified this understanding, instituting days of thanksgiving and days of humiliation based on their in-depth understanding of what God was doing in the creation. By contrast, Industrialism makes man blind and dumb to the hand of God and ignorant to His speaking and threatenings in His book of nature. Now, a thousand-million blind, deaf, and dumb industrial prophets – surrounded by air-conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting, and sheet rock – preach peace to a people who have insulated themselves from anything God has to say in the creation. When the children of Israel refused to hear God, He spoke to them through Moses. Today's Moses is a pampered seminary graduate with well lotioned hands and tempered glass with a high R-value who considers Agrarianism to be an ill-informed lifestyle choice, an ignorant movement of simple-minded throwbacks, a folly-bound quest for dreamers who reject the “Great Commission” and eschew explosive evangelism.

It is interesting to me that our friends and family members still don't get it. Well, the fact is they don't want to get it. It's easy enough to explain if they cared to hear, which they do not. They still think their lives and choices are better than ours, and they cannot believe that anyone seriously would choose to live this life. In their minds even if we adults do choose this life, surely our children are only doing it out of obedience to their parents. They cannot comprehend that our children might follow after us. Who (they think) would possibly reject 4 years of the drunken debauchery in college, followed by the “better life” - 401k's, highway traffic, hypertension, drug stores, abortions, fag-preachers, apostate Sunday school, HDTV, and a ¼ acre bit of paradise in a subdivision, peacefuly jammed between two other homeowner/consumers and their pets? Oh, and let us not forget a lingering death in a nursing home with visits maybe once a week from family members treading the same path.

For generations, Christian Agrarianism was the foundation and ruling philosophy for our ancestors. Remember, the modern industrial lifestyle is still fairly new in the grand scheme of things. All of these things have become ubiquitous only in the last 100 years:

urban living, latch-key kids, public schooling and social indoctrination from 5 to 22 years of age, air-conditioning, cars, planes, the 'suburbs', punching a clock, retirement plans, convenience stores, superstores, microwaves, cell-phones, free condoms, radio, television... Oh, and we best not forget the computer and the Internet – only widely used for less than 20 years. So all of this is the gift and promise of the Industrial victory over Agrarianism... How's that workin' out for ya?

Stupid people (and I do not mean to be un-charitable) who become prophets and recruiters for the One-World Cult can not understand why a reasonable person can examine all the evidence and reject that thinking and way of life. In fact, some even consider it child abuse to raise our children like our grandparents were raised! Worst of all, these people act hurt and offended if you dare defend your way of life – even though their lifestyle has been on display these past decades and the disaster it has visited on lives and families is self-evident.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. (Jer 6:16)

They said, “we will not walk therein – and neither will you if we can help it. If we can't convince YOU to abandon the old successful paths of your ancestors, then we will do our best to steal your children”.

You know what? My children do not want to go to college – and it is not because they are abused, mistreated, or brain-washed. In fact, they have more information on the subject than you do, thank you very much. My guarantee to you is that they will be better educated, wiser, more able to persevere and survive, and more willing to walk in obedience to God than the flaccid, mind-numbed slaves that you university can produce. We teach our children about the dangers and seductions of the secular cult of industrialism and its plans to subvert them:

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Eph 6:10-13)

2 Corinthians says that we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil, and that is true – but some of you are. The best tool we have is to educate our children about the wiles and devices of the devil. To let them see the product of the worldview and lifestyle of this wicked world. The Bible says about any man who loves this world, that the love of the Father is not in him. The prophets and recruiters for this world better system heed what they do, even those of you who go around with the name of Christ on your lips.

Re: Solar Power and the Amish

A comment I made on a great discussion about the Amish and their use (or disuse) of technology: “I'm glad to see this. As most of you know, most of our power here on our land is derived from solar power - augmented by a gas generator. There are major positives (and a few negatives) to solar power in examining its effects on separation and the Agrarian life.
Solar power is excellent in providing for communications an emergency information. I am writing this post on a laptop computer powered by our
solar trailer. Our solar trailer has 3 110 watt panels and stores power in 20 6 volt batteries. Living in Central Texas, we have severe weather for several months a year, and it is beneficial for us to be able to monitor the weather for the protection of the whole community - including those who do not have electric power. Every family and household here on the community has a radio for communications and we all turn on our radios during severe weather. We power our radios and other communication devices (including a NOAA weather radio) with rechargeable batteries powered by our solar power system.

Solar power increases our independence from the grid "system", and allows us to not rely on the world for power. We also use solar power for our lighting, to power ceiling and floor fans, and to run our freezers, etc. Ideally we will be moving away from some of these things in the future (primarily freezers), but for now these things allow us to work and expand here in this climate while we revert back to older, cheaper (and better) ways of doing things.


Solar power is a bit deceptive. Some people believe you hook up some panels to your house and instantly you have free power, just like you get from the grid. This is not really true. Solar power is expensive when you start, and for most usages it requires storage batteries, which are expensive, heavy, and don't last forever. There is a continuous price for the maintenance and replacing of these batteries. My estimate is that it would cost $1000 - $1500 every 5 years for storage batteries for a system like mine. Also, you have to THINK when you use solar power. It is not about flipping light switches on and off. We have to think about what we power and when we are running things, and in what combination. We can run things on sunny days that we wouldn't even think of powering on cloudy days.

Solar power also tends towards incrementalism. If one panel is good, then three must be better, and if three is good, then 8 would be great. We all have a carnal tendency towards MORE. I find myself constantly falling into the idea that if I could get more solar panels and power storage, I could run this or that (fill in the blank) without concern. This is an industrial consumer mindset against which I must guard myself. Although I am often thinking of food (primarily meat) storage - which is a good thing - solar power makes me tend to discount traditional curing and storing techniques in favor of just freezing the meat and relying on the solar power (and generators) to keep it frozen. This is a dangerous mentality, and it is something we should avoid.

We also need to recognize that many of the evils of the modern industrial society come from readily available power. The division and destruction of the family can be directly traced to easy access to electrical power (as well as to modern education). Power allows me to stay up later reading or studying books, but it also keeps me from my family for long stretches of time. This effect is multiplied many times over in those who live in the industrial society.

Anyway, so long as solar power is used as a tool and servant for the service of our plans and worldview, and not as a master over us - then it can be a good thing, and it can enhance our separation from the world. We also need to keep in mind the negatives and guard against them.”

Add “freedomfrontier(dot)com” to the short list of sites that do not want you or your business. Out of the thousands of articles posted on BiblicalAgrarianism.com since it began, only two sites have ever requested that articles be removed from our site on copyright grounds. Both sites, not desiring the free traffic a mere mention or link on our site brings, claim they must jealously protect the integrity of their writers. Hmmm... my articles appear on thousands of websites on the web, and I've never been paid a dime from them. My videos and DVD's are copied and distributed by anyone who wishes to do so. I cannot say I've ever been harmed by the free distribution of the truth. No author has ever been harmed by having his work featured on our site, and, in fact, 999 out of 1000 of them are benefited by the free coverage. When we do hear from authors or sites who are featured on BA.com, it is usually a heartfelt THANKS! For the free advertising and/or hundreds of “hits”. In fact, the two publications that have complained over the years likely found out that the articles in question were published on our site by seeing the uptick in "hits" they were receiving from the link on our site! Now, just so everyone knows and remembers – our policy is that our readers submit the materials and are responsible to receive permission if necessary, and/or to cite the work and include a link if possible. Permission is not necessary in most cases, and certainly not on theological writings that are over 75 years old, or which are already in the public domain. But, once again, out of literally thousands of articles published on BiblicalAgrarianism.com, only 2 publications have ever protested. Which tells you all you need to know.

I am your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker

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