Thursday, May 10, 2007

Terrifying News and Interesting Stuff

5/10/07 - 5th Day - After Breakfast. I have been doing some geneology research for a couple of different reasons. First, so I can help my children with history and their place in it, and second, as background research for a book I am writing. Anyway, I found out some terrifying news. I hope you all aren't as dramatically devastated as I am. You know how you might find out you have a genetic disease? Or how you might find out all the men in your ancestry die at a very young age from heart disease? Or how you might find out that your 6th great-grandfather is Benedict Arnold or some fairy from England who loved the Prince but who the King threw out a window? Well, I have worse news:
I wonder what that poof Scorebored will make of that? Apparently on my mother's side, some strange things happen. The good news (if any news can be considered good after that), I am also related to some other folks:

RID=7903097; UP=8; DN=4 JP MORGAN(1837-1913)
American Banker
John Piermont Morgan I was one of the wealthiest men at the beginning of the 20th century. A financier and banker, he arranged the merger for General Electric, and his bank today is known as Morgan Stanley.

Relationship: 3rd Cousin 4 times removed

RID=5609863; UP=12; DN=6 JOHN PARKER (1729-1775)
Revolutionary War Hero
John Parker commanded the Massachusetts militia at the Battle of Lexington and Concord. He did so while suffering from Tuberculosis; he died shortly after this battle.

Relationship: 5th Cousin 6 times removed

RID=38793265; UP=13; DN=5 WILLIAM WILLIAMS (1731-1811)
Connecticut Representative
William Williams, a merchant and politician from Connecticut, signed the Declaration of Independence. He was a Harvard graduate who studied theology.

Relationship: 4th Cousin 8 times removed

RID=1727683; UP=11; DN=9 HUMPHREY BOGART (1899-1957)
American Actor
In 1999, the American Film Institute named Humphrey DeForest Bogart the "Greatest Male Star of All Time". Bogart played in such movies as "The Maltese Falcon", "The Big Sleep", "Casablanca", and "The Caine Mutiny".

Relationship: 8th Cousin 2 times removed
RID=39382729; UP=16; DN=4 ISAAC NEWTON (1643-1727)
Scientist, Mathematician
Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians in history. He described 3 laws of motion that also govern the entire earth and the celestial bodies surrounding it.

Relationship: 3rd Cousin 12 times removed

Also... B.F. Skinner, Shirley Temple, Edward Tilly (who signed the Mayflower Compact), "Billy" Bishop (WWI Flying Ace), Agatha Christie, Clark Gable, Aldous Huxley, Elizabeth Browning, Norman Rockwell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and J.P. Morgan.

Speaking of Morgans, one of my most interesting relatives was an intrepid adventurer named Miles Morgan - one of the early Puritan colonizers of Springfield, Massachusetts who had emigrated to the New World from Bristol, England in 1636.

I am descended from Miles Morgan in this fashion:

Miles Morgan begat Nathaniel Morgan in 1671 by his second wife Elizabeth Bliss whom he had married 9 years after the death of his beloved Prudence Gilbert. Nathaniel begat Joseph Morgan in 1702 by Hannah Bird. Joseph Morgan begat Titus Morgan in 1740 by Mary Stebbins. Titus Morgan begat Julius Morgan in 1768 by Sarah Morgan (a descendant of Miles Morgan through his first wife Prudence Gilbert). Julius Morgan begat Edwin Morgan in 1833 by Azubah Day. Edwin Morgan begat Charles Morgan (the 1st) in 1855 by Lidia Watkins. The first Charles Almeron Morgan begat the second Charles Almeron Morgan in 1889 by Mary Clark. Charles Morgan and Mary Clark begat my grandmother Cora Mae Morgan in 1911 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Cora Morgan, who was born in Lowell, Massachusetts married my paternal grandfather Lionel Arthur Bunker and begat my father Rodney Bruce Bunker in 1943. Rodney Bunker and my mother Patricia Ann Somers begat me in 1967.

Miles Morgan came to the New World with two brothers, James and John Morgan. John Morgan, a "high-churchman", disliked the austerity of the Puritans and removed to Virginia. Miles signed on with Colonel William Pynchon and, even though he was only 20, became second-in-command of the group that located and started the town of Springfield, Massachusetts. What follows is a traditional story of Miles Morgan. I cannot cite the story, because, though it is repeated in several different histories, the actual citation is missing (spelling errors are left intact):
Morgan having taken possession of his land, and made some progress in improving it, began to fancy himself in want of a wife. The following curious account of his courtship and marraige is preserved - it would do very well for the partriarchial times - On his passage from England, he formed an acquaintance with a young woman who belonged to a family which on their arrival, settled at Beverly. To her he determined to make his addresses, which he did by letter, in wich (The old family seat is now occupied by Dr. Chauncey Brewer. It is very pleasantly situated on teh south side of Ferry Lane, about twenty rods from teh river. ) he proposed to her to become his wife and the sharer of his dubious fortunes in the wilderness. To his frank proposal she, with equal frankness (for coquetry was not then in fashion), wrote him an explicit answer; and informed him of her willingness to comply with his wishes. Her lover it seems was resolved to perform his part, in teh affair, like a man of business. On receiving the foregoing answer to his proposals, he engaged two of his friends and an Indian to attend him in his matrimonial expedition; and departed with all convenient speed with his retinue, taking with him an onld horse, which was to convey the furniture of teh inteded bride to her future habitation, and the musketes with whihc they might (on the power of faith in the Puritanic times) turn to fight the armies of the aliens who might molest them, in their pilgrimage to and from teh land of the people of the East. Prosperity attended the journey of our patriarchal ancestor, and the hymenual torch was kindled on his arrival. The matrimonial contract having been "ratified in due form", the old horse received his destined burden; the bridegroom and his companions shouldered their muskets; and thus escorted the bride to Springfield, who walked on foot the whole distance from Beverly to that place - that is about one hundred and twenty miles. Surely these were times when women had strength and were not too squirmish to do it. Female adn affeminate were perhaps not then words of synonimous meaning. By this marraige, Morgan had a numerous family of children.
I find this very interesting, since one of the main points on my sermon (part 3 of the Idolatry series) was that "female and effeminate" need not be synonymous.

Anyway... there are many stories of Miles Morgan to share, and I might do that in some form or another in the future, but I thought these things to be interesting. Maybe you did too?

Michael Bunker


Bill Peck said...

Impressive list of kin there MB! I find geneology very interesting, and that one part mentioning "effeminate", yes, how timely! My condolonces on the terrifying news, but hey, maybe an invite to Crawford is in your future??? :-)


Michael Bunker said...

I doubt it Bill. But I would try to eat him out of house and home.

kjwatford said...

Yes, I see the family resemblence :) Interesting read! Kim

Herrick Kimball said...

Hello Michael,


Did you find this information on some sort of internet geneology site?

Herrick Kimball

Michael Bunker said...

Herrick, yes I used both and Happily, my father had been on there over the years and had filled in mountains of data and connections, so it took me only an hour or so to make a few final connection. Both of those sites are very helpful.

God Bless,