Monday, February 26, 2007

Back and at it

2/26/07 - 2nd Day - After Breakfast. It seems like the last couple of months has been a solid scramble, and we still have a lot to do before Ranchfest in the end of March. We start work on the garden today and continue working on a new pig pen. The 6 pigs are growing large and we will need to separate out two of the males pretty soon. We also will be stretching a couple of acres of electric fence so we can put the pigs on pasture. While we were in San Antonio we had the fellas and the children sow our 6 acre pasture in oats. The weather was nice yesterday and is expected to stay pretty nice (after a hellacious dust/wind storm on Saturday - winds to 60 mph); so we hope to get some work done this week. I also have to finish working on the root cellar upper door, and start working on the shelves in the cellar so we can start moving stuff down there. It is a blessing to know that the cellar is done before the severe weather season starts.

We had a good and relaxing trip to San Antonio. We had great weather and a good time.

The Sabbath was nice and peaceful (except for the dust storm raging around us), and the Lord's Day fellowship was a good one. The sermon was on 1 Thess. 4:11, Gen. 2:15, 3:23 - it was entitled The REAL Great Commission and answers the question of whether Agrarianism is Biblical and commanded by God. I hope to have it posted soon.

In the mean time, I posted last Lord's Day sermon here:

He is Able

May the Lord Bless His people,


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