Thursday, December 7, 2006

Root Cellar Days

12/07/06 - 5th Day - Before Dinner (Lunch for you Yanks). Yesterday we worked pretty hard on the root cellar. We are done with the south wall, and we began work on the north wall. We started by putting in forms and beginning the process of pouring a footing for that north wall, since it will be the wall with the door in it, and we want to make sure as little water and weather as possible can ever get through. We finished the footing for the two sides of the door entrance, and we will have to wait to start on the main entrance footing until we have some money for more concrete.

The next step will be to start framing up the north wall and shelves, and to frame up the north door. Then we will have to purchase or build a solid door to install. Then we frame up the entrance way, and begin to backfill the north wall and around the entrance area. Then we will be framing in the top (ground level) door, and concreting in the surface area over the north wall and around the entrance.

The weather isn't overly cold, but the wind is howling today, and that combined with the temps in the high 40's makes it seem much colder than it is. The fellas are working on Josie's cabin foundation, and Danielle has gone to do laundry. I am about to head back down to the root cellar to work on it.

Yesterday we had soft tacos "homestead style", which means everything was made from scratch, even the taco seasoning for the longhorn/watusi hamburger. It was incredible. We voted to make Wednesday taco day, and we hope that that comes to pass.

Ok, I know that there are many of you who are regular daily readers of this blog. The blogs were originally set up (along with the News from the Ranch on to limit the amount of emails I receive in a day. I found that when people know what we are doing (and how) that it cuts my emails down substantially (not that I dislike emails, but sometimes I would receive the same question 20 times in one day). However, because of the (relatively) new format with and the blogs, we get very little feedback at all. So your job, if you read this blog daily, is to post your comments or questions on this blog.

I am also going to be starting a section on this blog called "How do y'all do that?", which will be a section of a blog (maybe once or twice a week) where I answer a question from you all, like... "How do y'all heat the cabin?", or "How do y'all use the internet when you are off-grid?", or "How do y'all do dishes?", etc. For agrarians, this will be a good way to share ideas, because if you are living an agrarian life (or heading towards it), you can comment on how you do things (or how you will do them). So go ahead and submit questions for "How do y'all do that?".

Our best regards and prayers towards you all,

Michael Bunker

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