Sunday, December 3, 2006

Pics of snow and cellar

12/03/06 - 1st Day - After Dinner, Before Supper. Lord's Day. Here are some picture updates from the ranch.

This first pic is of the solar trailer and root cellar area during the snow/ice/sleet mix we received on the 5th day this past week.

Here is another pic of the weather...

In this next picture you can see the roof on the root cellar and us laying the first of the slabs on the south side.

More later (DV)!


1 comment:

bryan said...

Wow, Glad to hear that Robert is ok! Most bullriders don't even come away unhurt, much lest a child.

Cellar is looking good. I am learning allot. I am interested in watching your progress on the icehouse. It would be great if I could come to help someday.

Other than that, why the world celebrates their pagan holidays this year; we will not be stacking up debt in order to get gifts as we once did. So I am thankful for the simple life, though it has its trials; I find peace.

Maybe one day I can come to Texas with a truck and horse trailer to buy a longhorn from you. I would much rather pay you than someone else. That is the way it should work.

Stay in the narrow way,
Bryan Lewis