Sunday, December 24, 2006

Change, Change, Change...

12/24/06 - 1st Day - Before Breakfast. We are entering a phase of great change here at the ranch. In the next week or so, if the Lord wills, we will be undergoing a growth spurt here at the ranch. Chris moved down a week ago and will begin moving on to his own land and working on it after the first of the year. The Antes (Logan, Kris and family) will be moving down about a week from now and will immediately begin work on their home on their land. The Sustaires also will begin moving on to their land in the next week. If the Lord wills, In just a few short weeks, our regular numbers here will have doubled - not counting some regular visits from friends and brethren. At Sabbath breakfast yesterday we had 15 people, and we had the same amount (minus the children) yesterday night for Q&A. Praise God.

We have 3 projects currently going on here at the ranch. We have continued working on my root cellar. On Friday I got the north (front) entrance dried in except for the steel door which I have not yet purchased. Hopefully in the next week or so we will have the root cellar dried in and will be working on the entrance landing, stairs and upper door. At the same time, we continued working on Josie's cabin, and started building an oak pole garden box on the north end of the cabin platform. Over near my corral, we started digging the footing for a milk shed that will be built in an "old style" of stone, concrete and logs. We will be trying some new construction techniques (new to us, but not new at all) on this milk shed, and I am looking forward to learning through the process.

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Michael Bunker

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