Thursday, August 31, 2006

5th Day Blues...

8/31/06 - 5th Day - Before Supper. The milking went fairly well this morning. I stayed up after it was done to answer some emails, but after breakfast I crashed hard. I looked back and it seems I did the same thing last week at this time. Maybe it is becoming a tradition. Anyway, I slept until 9:30, then I got up and got to work on a Q&A Fridays article for tomorrow. That took until 3 or so, then I went out and checked on the fellas. We got their camper propane system working the other day, so now they have a propane stove and oven to cook with. Anyway, they wanted to have all of us (everyone currently living on the land) over for a "camper warming" supper tonight, so we went to the grocery store and they bought some food to cook up. Here in a couple of hours we will go over there for dinner.

Tomorrow I want to work on finishing the last chapter of the Galatians commentary, which in effect will mean that the book I am going to publish on Galatians/James will be mostly finished, with only some editing and typesetting to do before I send it to the publisher. Which (although I have two other commentaries that are unfinished) opens the door for me to start my Agrarian novel that I have been talking about. I answered a question about it in tomorrow's Q&A:

I am very seriously considering beginning the serialized Agrarian novel on or on a different site very soon. Here is my idea. I will write the chapters and post them as they are finished. These chapters will not be static, but the readers and participants will be allowed to make recommendations or suggestions during the writing of the book. This ought to be fun and instructive. I am thinking that I will make the process available online by subscription, and then when the book is finished we will get it published in print form for everyone who doesn't want to have fun participating along the way. I have a general outline in my head, and have come up with a name for the book:

The Last Pilgrims

More to come on that...
The prognosticators are calling for rain over the weekend. We hope and pray they are right. Things are greening up nicely, and we could use some more rain now.


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